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show it, don't just say it

If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth 10 times that. It is a power tool that cuts through the clutter and effectively conveys your message to potential clients or patients. Practice Marketing & Communications offers high-quality, affordable video solutions to promote your practice online, on air, and on social media.

Commercial Production

Commercials have been reaching target audiences since the beginning of television. At Practice Marketing & Communications, not only can we help you conceptualize and produce an effective spot, but with our media buying expertise, we can also help you target the intended audience for optimum results.

Brand Awareness

Video is an extremely powerful tool for building a successful brand. In a recent survey of 500 marketers, 95% said video marketing has helped them increase brand awareness.

By painting s a complete picture of your brand, video gives your audience a better insight into your business, your story, your purpose. It allows you to connect and start building trust with your target audience before they even walk into your practice or buy your product. 

Practice Marketing & Communications produces stunning, engaging videos that help you reach your audience in a concise, compelling manner.

patient Testimonials

Patient testimonial videos are a powerful tool to educate and inform prospective patients about the services you provide. When they hear a firsthand account about a positive outcome from someone who’s experienced an illness or injury similar to their own, they gain a sense of hope that they too can become healthy again. For Practice Marketing & Communications, it is immensely gratifying knowing the testimonials we produce for our clients help inform patients and encourage them to seek the care they need.

Provider bios

Video is a great, personalized way for your potential patients to meet you before they even walk through the door. An online bio or social medial profile is great, but video lets the patient see your personality and demeanor. It may just be the difference between a prospective patient calling for an appointment or choosing another provider.

Educational Content

Through social media channels, doctors and other clinicians have the ability to educate the public – even those who aren’t their patients – about important health-related topics. We help produce effective, informational videos that help establish providers as experts in their respective fields and – more importantly – lead to a healthier, more informed public.

Recruitment Videos

Whether you want to attract new employees to your practice or students to your educational program, video is an incredibly effective tool to explain what makes your professional environment stand out above others.

Drone Footage

Shots that used to take expensive equipment, multiple crew members, and possibly an airplane or helicopter can now be captured using drone technology. Practice Marketing & Communications is able to provide gorgeous aerial footage that will help your brand soar.


Sometimes, video can’t properly demonstrate a medical procedure or device. Together, with our partners, we are able to produce quality 3-D animation to help bring your medical knowledge to life.


What We Do Best

Video Services

We offer high-quality, affordable video solutions to promote your practice online, on air and on social media.

Public Relations

 No matter what your marketing needs are, our team will support you as your practice grows.

Reputation Management

We'll help you capture patient feedback, enhance patient satisfaction, and grow online reviews and ratings.

Social Media Management

Be among today's most successful businesses that are aggressively marketing on social media. 

Website Development

Your website is your first impression. Make sure it's a good one. We'll develop an informative, user-friendly site for your patients.

Email Marketing

Keep up with current patients and attract new ones. We can help you create email content that will help you quickly build a sizable email marketing list. 

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